"My race was a HUGE Success because I used Register My Race!"
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This is your future testimonial

At first, it may seem strange that we would write your future testimonial, but from our perspective, getting a testimonial like this from you is our #1 goal, which continually motivates and inspires us to think outside the box and do everything we can to make your race registration experience outstanding in every way.

Here are just a few examples...


Most registration services see your race as a one-time event, and so they build their registration software to simply collect registration and payment information, and then they turn it off once the registration ends.

Other registration services focus on individual registration with an option for team or group registration.

Many registration services require you to print off lists of registrants for packet pick up. This is incredibly time consuming for both you and your participants, and can quickly become overwhelming.


At RMR, we see your race as a living entity, with the ability to grow, develop and mature for years to come. To us, turning off registration is like cutting off your race's air and food supply. This is why we created the Evergreen Registration process. With Evergreen, you can actively collect names and emails of potential registrants over the entire year.

At RMR, we realize that people love to race with their friends and family, which is why we put more emphasis on team and group registration. We then supercharge it by making it easy to share and recruit others on Facebook, which creates free publicity and word of mouth advertising - sending even more traffic to your site and increasing your registration.

With RMR, packet pickup is as easy as simply scanning a QR code on a smart phone. It will instantly tell you the details of each registrant, along with shirt size and any additional products they've ordered, so you can quickly grab what you need and send your registrants on their way.

It's features like these that make all the difference in the success of your race.

And when you combine these with built-in text/SMS and email services, Groupon Integration, merchandising upsell options, automatic daily transfers, the most beautiful registration forms in the industry, and our lowest price guarantee, it's no wonder why so many race directors are switching to Register My Race.