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Dawn, Day, & Night of the Running Dead - Registration Form

Once again by popular demand the 5k-ish Dawn, Day and Night of the Running Dead Race will be held at the Andy Ballard Arena in Draper, UT.  Come run in one, two, or all three Zombie themed races in one day and watch as the area transforms from a peaceful neighborhood to a zombie infested zone.  This is a Zombie-themed Race where participants register as either Undead or Human.  If Undead, they may dress as such and will start the race 2 minutes after the humans begin their run.  The whole idea is to see an army of undead chasing the living.  This is just a fun race and no contact along the course other than normal physical contact expected at a race will be permitted.  Costumes are optional but highly encouraged.

Take the Challenge and Complete all three races. 

Dawn of the Running Dead:  9 am
Day of the Running Dead:  1 pm
Night of the Running Dead:  8 pm

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