1 Registrant = 1 Meal 2500 Registrants = 1 Education

Doesn't it feel great to support a cause that you truly believe in?

Here at Register My Race, our minds and bodies may be focused on running the world's best race registration service,
but our hearts are dedicated to helping feed and educate children in need.

For the past two years, we've traveled to Kenya with World Teacher Aid, where we've met hundreds of incredible
children, and have helped establish feeding programs in refugee camps and orphanages there.

We also actively support feeding and education programs at the Casa de Sion orphanage project in
Guatamala, South America.

Here's a short video we put together, highlighting some of the children whose lives have been changed
thanks to the feeding program.

By using Register My Race, you become an active supporter of the cause, because for every person that registers for your race, we donate one hot meal to a child in Kenya on your behalf. And for every 2,500 registrations, we donate an entire month of tutoring and meals to a child in Guatemala.

It's just our way of giving back for all of incredible opportunities that each of us have been blessed with.

"I love the fact that in addition to our own charity work, Register My Race gives back as well. What a great cause to a be a part of!" Janae R.
Race Director
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