10 Features Our Members Can't Live Without
Evergreen Registration AN RMR EXCLUSIVE

An RMR Exclusive! The biggest problem most registration systems have is that they close your event after your race. This is a huge mistake. At RMR, as soon as your event ends, a beautiful opt-in form displays so people can get notified as soon as registration opens next year. This is one of our most popular features because it automatically builds your email list and increases future sales.

Team and Facebook Discounts with Social Syndication

The key to more race registrations is to promote groups and teams and get them buzzing about your race in Facebook. RMR maximizes and encourages this type of promotion, which can bring you a lot of free traffic and additional registrations. Our members love it!

Streamlined Race Creation

At RMR we only do race registration. This allows us to make your race creation incredibly fast and simple. In fact, you can usually be completely up and running in just a few minutes!

Daily Deal Site Coupon Code Integration

(Groupon, Living Social, etc.) RMR gives you the ability to upload and assign special deal site discount codes, and you can even charge a service fee. Many race directors have found tremendous value in deal sites.

Amazing Reporting, Importing and Exporting Options

Accessing your customer information is the lifeblood of your race. We make it simple and efficient for you to get the information you need, whenever you need it.

Built-in text and email management system AN RMR EXCLUSIVE

What better way to stay in contact with your registrants than with text/SMS alerts and emails? Other registration services force you to use Aweber, Mailchimp or iContact for your email, which can cost you hundreds of dollars per month, but RMR gives you both email and text messaging for only 25 cents per registrant for an entire year! (Basic email service is included for free.)

Mobile Checkin App

With mobile checkin, packet pickup is a breeze! Simply use the app to scan the QR Code on your registrant's paper ticket or phone or search the registrants name or team and you're done.

Merchandising Upsell Options

With our unique checkout process, you can easily sell merchandise and related products right in your registration form, helping you to boost your overall sales.

Automatic Daily Deposits AN RMR EXCLUSIVE

Getting paid quickly makes all the difference when you're putting on a race, which is why we automatically deposit both your Credit Card and Paypal funds directly to your account every weekday for free!

Gorgeous, One-page Checkout Forms

Fact #1 - The better your registration page looks the more sales you'll make. Fact # 2 - 25% of race registrations are being purchased on smart phones. We make sure that your registration pages look amazing no matter what device they register on.

Want even more features? Here you go...
  • Accept Credit Cards, Paypal or Checks
  • Mobile Optimized Design
  • Charity/donation options
  • Discount code management
  • Design customization
  • You set the fees
  • Robust, real-time sales data and reporting
  • Search Engine optimized pages
  • Strategic sponsorship display options
  • Plug'n play website registration code
  • Custom registration field options
  • Volunteer recruitment & management system
  • Trust Guard daily PCI Security Scanning
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Team registration
  • Multi-person registration
  • Ad free registration pages
  • Friendly customer support